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Erlanger Gasser classification of nerve fibres

The mammalian nerve fibers are divided into 3 groups,A,B,C. Group A fibers are the thickest and Group C fibers the thinnest. Susceptibility to Pressure,Local anaesthetics and Hypoxia. From most susceptible to least: Pressure – ABC Local anaesthetics-CBA Hypoxia-BAC. Mnemonic ABC …

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Exogenous opioids like Morphine and heroin can induce euphoric mood. Exercise released endogenous opioids  and is associated with mood enhancement. Beta endorphin is principal endogenous opioid. Analgesia and alteration of pain perception is the best documented function .

Blood supply of palatine Tonsil.

Arterial blood supply of Palatine tonsil is derived from branches of the external carotid artery. Principal artery is Tonsillar artery which is a branch of facial. Additional sources are: Ascending pharyngeal artery. Dorsal lingual branches of lingual artery Greater palatine …

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Tongue Nerve supply

Sensory innervation of tongue. Innervation of taste buds. Facial, glossopharyngeal and vagus nerves carry taste sensations from tongue. Facial Nerve. Carries Taste Sensations from: Anterior 2/3rd of tongue excluding the circumvalate papillae through chorda tympani nerve. Inferior surface of soft …

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Vitellointestinal duct remnants.

Vitellointestinal duct/Omphalomesenteric duct is the conncetion between yolk sac and developing gut. Usually it obliterates and disappears, but the persistence of this duct can lead to following anomalies. Umbilical fecal fistula-Due to persistence of entire Vitello intestinal duct. Umbilical sinus …

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Blood supply of heart

Left anterior descending artery/Anterior interventricular artery MC artery involved in MI-40-50% Involves-Anterior wall of LV near apex,Ant portion of ventricular septum,Apex. Right Coronary artery Supplies SA node. Second most common site of MI. Involves-Inferior/post wall of LV,Posterior portion of ventricular …

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Nephritic Syndromes

Hematuria Hypertension Oliguria Azotemia Acute Post Streptococcal GN LM-Glomeruli enlarged and hypercellular with neutrophils. Lumpy bumpy IF-Granular starry sky pattern EM-subepithelial deposits of Ig G and C3 Occurs 2 weeks after streptococcal pharyngitis/Pyoderma. Low C3,normal C4 High ASO titer Self …

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