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Common Entrance Exam to be conducted for medicine PG in 2012

The Website of Medical Council of India(MCI) has listed Vision 2015. It has proposed to conduct Common Entrance Examination for the year 2012. This move will be welcomed by most PG aspirants, because it opens door to many PG seats which were not available for selection by All India Entrance Examination. As every decision, this decision too has it pros and cons.This Common entrance exam has been named as NEET PG(National Eligibility cum Entrance Test for Post Graduates).

We are not yet sure whether this will be implemented next year(2012) because I heard that before any drastic change in an examination system a freeze  period of 2 years is recommended before applying the change to the system.Since the Supreme Court has directed to conduct the Common entrance exam by next year, it is also possible that the govt may conduct it in 2012. So let us gear up for both formats, it will be just like a toss, heads- NEET PG, Tails – Old Scheme.

I see four possibilities.

1. Old Scheme exam in 2012 also, ie 300 questions 31/2 hours and state entrance exams also.

2. New scheme 180 questions, but just AIPGE 2012 and state entrance exams.

3. Old scheme and Common entrance exam.

4.New scheme and common entrance exam.


1. Single entrance exam.

2. Money and time is saved.

3. More seats.

4. Online exam, so time spent on darkening bubbles is saved.


1.Only one exam

2. Only 180 questions and lots of time, fortune may favor the brave.

3.If you are sick and cannot write the exam, you will have to wait till next year for writing the next exam.

4. Online exam,if your system fails or if you are not net savvy, you are doomed.

Given below is the disclosure given on MCI website:

National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test for Post Graduates (NEET-PG) for 2012

Candidates who have completed internship or those expecting to complete by March 31, 2012 will be eligible to take the examination. About 100,000 and maybe upto a maximum of 1,50,000 candidates are expected to take the examination. It will be notified in August 2011 with applications collected by September end. The admit cards will be dispatched by middle of November 2011. The examination will be online type conducted in the middle of
January, 2012 and the number of sessions etc will be finalized after the feasibility is explored. The MD/MS courses will commence from May 2, 2012. The candidates aspiring for direct 5-year Neurosurgery and neurology super-specialty or similar courses will have to take this NEET-PG
examination for the courses commencing in August. There will be a common paper with 180 MCQs at MBBS standard to be answered in 3 hours.

If you want to read more on vision 2015 go via this link and search NEET PG in the search box.

The Endosulfan debate, are we blind?

Friday 29th April is “Harthal” in Kerala. It can be called a state sponsored Harthal, because the ruling Coalition the Left front has called for this Harthal. I think most of the people in Kerala(except for a few UDF leaders) stand in full support for this strike. But I wonder, what do these people know? Or have they tried to understand anything about the Endosulfan problem, other than what they have read from the newspapers? So I am trying to explain something, which was not known to me until yesterday.

Isn’t Endosulfan banned in Kerala?

Yes, it is.

Why does the Kerala Govt want Endosulfan to be banned all over India?

Because we love our country and all the people in it, no matter whether he is Keralite or not

Is Endosulfan available in Kerala?

Yes, though it is banned in Kerala, it is freely available in Tamilnadu and other neighbouring states. So people don’t have any trouble using it in Kerala.

Has the state Govt tried to enforce this ban?

I think so, but don’t have any concrete evidence on it.

Why is the Central Govt keen on using Endosulfan?

Because Endosulfan is the cheapest Insectiside available, which is produced by Hindustan Insectisides limited (HIL) and a lot of other private firms.

So from the Q&A section as we move forward we find that Endosulfan has produced serious health effects in Kasargod district in Kerala. In Kasargod district Endosulfan was used via Aerial spraying by Plantation Corporation and has resulted in Mental retardation and several Congenital malformations. I had the opportunity to work in Kasargod district and during my stay there what I could understand was that, since victims of Endosulfan got so many benefits from the state govt, victims of almost all natural diseases or malformations were enlisted under Endosulfan victims list.So the list kept on growing and keeps on growing even now.

Kerala is one of those states using the minimum amount of endosulfan,and the states which grow agricultural crops and  grapes( they dip the full bunch in endosulfan) have not reported any adverse effects. It was the improper usage(aerial spraying) by plantation corporation which resulted in the Endosulfan tragedy.So the fight of V S Achutanandan to ban Endosulfan is not out of sympathy for the poor victims but for petty political gains.

What could happen is Endosulfan is banned?

  • Endosulfan is an off patent insectiside which is produced in bulk in India at very cheap rates.
  • We don’t have an insectiside to replace Endosulfan in near future.
  • Agricultural production is set to drop by more than 25%-50% if Endosulfan is banned.
  • Kerala is not an agricultural state and it won’t be much affected by this ban, but where does our food and vegetable come from?
  • India will have to rely on patented and costly insectisides produced by corporates once endosulfan is banned.

So the net result will be growing poverty, for just petty political gains for the LDF/VS. I don’t think any of the leaders are aware of the dire consequences of their actions. It is time we think, find an alternative and then voice for ban.

Even though I was not pro LDF, I had supported this campaign, but from many experiences I had in my life, I know that what political campaigns are and how newspapers publish news.Most newspapers won’t publish any news which is against public opinion, so the truth remains covered. I never came across a pro endosulfan report in any newspaper in Kerala. So once I had to choose between my inflated ego and the bright future of my country, I decided to rein my ego and stand by the central govt for a wonderful future.

I was with VS till yesterday, I used to wonder why the Central govt is so keen in promoting Endosulfan,but now I understand what can happen, how our country will be in chaos. At Stockholm convention, India will be looking forward for consensus in preventing the ban from happening. I too look forward to see what is going to happen, let us leave the past as it is and try to heal the wounds and look forward to a bright future where no one is left hungry.

Don’t forget to read this article from ABC:Expert says world endosulfan ban would be over the top

“An international meeting this week in Geneva may decide to implement a world-wide ban on a commonly used pesticide, endosulfan.

But University of Sydney Professor Ivan Kennedy warns that if the ban goes ahead, it will mean food supplies for millions of people and the crops of millions of farmers are at risk.

He says the cost of some foods could also rise significantly, because pesticides up to 10 times as expensive may be needed.

In a peer-reviewed paper published this week, Professor Kenndey outlines extensive evidence that shows the substance, endosulfan, can continue to be used in carefully managed conditions.

Professor Kennedy acknowledges that in large doses endosulfan is a toxic substance.

“Toxic chemicals necessary for efficient agricultural production will always be with us, but these should all be in constant review. There is evidence accepted by medical authorities that endosulfan has been handled safely in Australia,” he said.

“Compared to DDT, which can persist in the environment for decades, endosulfan’s short half-life means that in most conditions, it reduces to only negligible quantities in a few months, or even days on plants.”

Hormones and neurotransmitters affecting feeding and satiety.

Feeding and satiety centre in hypothalamus is modulated by several hormones and neurotransmitters. Since this one is a bit confusing it requires lots of revision.

Orexigenic(Increase feeding)

Neuropeptide Y.
Agouti Related Protein (AGRP).
Melanin Concentrating Hormone(MCH).
Orexins A and B.
Amino acids(Glutamate and GABA).
Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone(GHRH).

Anorexigenic( Decrease Feeding)

  1. Alpha melanocyte stimulating hormone
  2. Leptin
  3. Serotonin
  4. Norepinephrine
  5. Corticotropin releasing hormone
  6. Insulin
  7. Cholecystokinin
  8. Glucagon Like peptide
  9. Cocaine and amphetamine regulated transcript(CART)
  10. Peptide YY(PYY)
  11. Bombesin

Cranial Nerves and associated ganglia

Four cranial nerves ,CN III, VII, IX, Xcarry parasympathetic fibres as they emerge from brain stem.

The Cranial nerves and their associated ganglia are mentioned below.

  1. Oculomotor – Ciliary ganglion.
  2. Facial – Pterygopalatine and submandibular ganglion.
  3. Glossopharyngeal – Otic ganglion
  4. Vagus – Visceral ganglions

Life of a PG aspirant

When I got MBBS, I thought it would be the beginning of a new life, a life filled with happiness. I thought treating patients will bring joy not only by relieving their suffering but also by bringing peace to my mind.As years progressed expectations were there but life was lacking. When I passed MBBS, next big task awaited me, the medical PG entrance. I decided to study, but it was a bit too late and inadequate. I was so immersed in stock trading, blogging, watching football matches, there was very little time to study. I thought it was enough because I had never studied so much in my life! But it was too little, but I couldn’t help it, I needed rest I wanted happiness.

Friends told me ” If you work hard for one year, you will pass through and everything will be just fine. When I see the life of a PG student, I am horror struck. So what I endured was too little, what lays ahead of me is something which I thought would never happen to me. It is inevitable in the life of any doctor, to endure the hardships. Many say, you will reap the benefits in the end. I ask myself, where is the end? Passing MBBS is just the beginning, trying for PG is the next part. If I get a PG, will it be the end? I don’t think so, superspeciality entrance awaits!

I wanted to draw a line, where I could stop and rest. There is no such line in my field of vision, an year has to pass before any line can be drawn. That’s how a PG Aspirant( PG worker) has to live, no rest, no happiness, just days and nights spent among piles of books.

But I do find happiness, by bathing, sleeping and eating from different shops! Sometimes I love this life. I think it is better not to worry too much about future. I will do my part and await for a wonderful result, meanwhile I will be blogging and posting what I learn on this blog.

I can see many young doctors who are in the same fix as I am in, visiting this blog.So I expect some comments from you guys, so that we can strengthen each other on the way forward.

First session at CME Kottayam 2011.

Being an alumni of Kottayam medical college, I was well acquainted with the auditorium where the CME for PG aspirants is held year after year. From the time I was a student at Medical college I have seen hundreds of PG aspirants come and go. Colorful dress, smiling faces, charming looks, these students do bring life to our campus. After the entrance season sundays are less busy, shopkeepers have less to sell, Hotel Anand( the only Vegetarian hotel) seems deserted.

As the tradition here is to start the CME with session from the very experienced Dr. P T Thomas sir year after year, this year was no exception. He started by giving a short talk on how to prepare for Medical PG entrance exams, the scoring system, value of questions etc. and continued with an interesting class on general surgery.As any Keralite would know, the season is summer and it is humid atmosphere inside the auditorium, so I chose to sit in the adjoining hall where there is ample ventilation.  We are all waiting for the new AC hall, which have been lagging behind expected date of completion.

Many faces were familiar, those who tried hard by learning subject wise books, those who failed to revise in the right time, some who forgot to read AG and MK  and yet some others who were new to the CME. So all have come with great aspirations, to work hard and get a PG of their choice.But at the end those with most determination, self control, and  mugging skills pass through and the smart, “do it all” guys are left behind.

Next session is on saturday by our talented Pharmacology sir,Dr. Sunil Kumar and sunday session is by Dr. Harikrishnan who has great knowledge and knows how to prepare notes and engages us all in interesting conversation. So I am expecting great learning experience on those days, and a packed auditorium full of eager students.

Like compliments given to female students by their female hostelmates, ” May this beautiful, elegant , hardworking, charming, lady  get MD Paediatrics as she wishes!”, I wish you all great success.

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