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GIT hormones,their actions and sites of action.

Cholecystokinin(CCK) Secreted from I cells Acts on GB and pancreas Increase enzyme secretion Increase contraction Gastro Intestinal Peptide(GIP) Secreted from K cells Acts on Pancreas Increase insulin Decrease fluid absorption Gherlin Secreted from stomach Increase food intake Increase GH secretion …

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List of must read books for AIPGME.

Most of time I get some questions regarding books needed for PG medical entrance preparation.Though I have listed a few of the most needed books, readers keep on asking for a comprehensive list. The most important point is to study …

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Medical treatment of Gall stones.

Gallbladder stones can be treated both by medical and surgical methods.Medical treatment of gallstones is indicated when the stones are small and radiolucent and surgical treatment is usually employed when gallstones are large and radio opaque. Medical treatment of Gall …

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Diaphragm development

Diaphragm develops from the following components: Septum transversum Pleuroperitoneal membranes Ventral and dorsal mesenteries of esophagus Mesoderm of body wall Cervical myotomes Septum transversum forms the central tendon of the diaphragm    

CDC categories of potential agents of Bioterrorism.

CDC has divided potential bioterrorism agents into 3 categories Category A, Cat B and Cat C. Category A Easily disseminated and result in high mortality, hence given the highest priority. Anthrax Botulism Plague Small Pox Tularemia Viral hemorrhagic fevers Lassa …

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