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November AIIMS 10 days express revision tips.

November AIIMS entrance exam is just 13 days away, and it is time to start an express revision schedule.Since most of you maybe writing this exam as a stepping stone to All India PG 2012, it is good to complete Ashish Gupta and Mudit Khanna once before AIIMS november session.

1. Read AG 2 papers followed by MK corresponding year.

2. Prepare notes for last minute revision

3.Revise the notes you have prepared, including the ones you have stuck on to your wall.

4.Do a combined study session, if you are comfortable with it. Combined study will help more topics in less time.

5.Prepare for the journey to your AIIMS exam center,get hold of AG May 2011 and read en route.

6.Be confident and have belief in yourself

7.Relax , revise ,eat good food, pray, write the exam.

I hope this exam goes well for all the readers of this blog, and will be the stepping stone to AIPGME 2012.All the best.

“You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, ‘I lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.’ ”
Eleanor Roosevelt

Two quotes from Einstein which has inspired millions

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Imagination is more important than knowledge – Albert Einstein

Imagination has no limits.It is a very sad fact that people who have knowledge fail to inspire others by planting ideas in their minds. In the medical profession only a few teachers teach students to imagine, to dream. A good teacher always inspires a student, this inspiration is what a student needs. Knowledge can be acquired from many sources, but a real motivator can change lives of students for ever.Einstein was one such motivator, he made some great theories but above all his talks inspired people to give back more to the society.

Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character- Albert Einstein

Attitude is something which shapes our destiny.It differentiates leaders from followers. A man with a great attitude towards life will find ways to enrich his life and the lives of his beloved. A leader having great attitude and character can inspire the youth to bring out the best out of them.Mahatma Gandhi and Dr.A P J Abdul Kalam were men of great character and attitude who guided us.May your attitude become stronger and imagination soar as you prepare for AIPGME 2012, success is just secondary to these gains you make during this year.


No common entrance test for medicine PG in 2012

After a long and anxious wait, the central government has decided not to conduct common entrance test for PG seats in medicine in 2012. The reasons cited are the lack of resources and expertise needed for conducting such a huge exercise nationwide.

The news has disappointed many students who had been preparing for NEET PG 2012,but has delighted students who had been studying for AIPGE 2012.Many coaching centers had already informed students that NEET PG 2012 is not going to materialize. Now students can concentrate on studies once more as they have got another chance to write their state entrance exams.

Given below are excerpts from major national dailies

The Hindu:No PG medical test in 2012

The Central government has decided not to hold the common entrance test for postgraduate medical courses next year, as proposed earlier, citing lack of resources and expertise needed for conducting such a huge exercise nationwide.

The National Eligibility Entrance Test will be held only in 2013. “In view of the lack of resources, we have decided that the test will be held in 2013, and the National Board for Examination will be roped in to conduct the test. It will strengthen its own resources and infrastructure. Now it does not have the capability for holding the exam,” Health Secretary P.K. Pradhan said.

Indian Express:No common medical entrance test this year

Two days after the Supreme Court gave the go-ahead to the Medical Council of India (MCI) to hold a single eligibility-cum-entrance test for MBBS and post graduate medical courses, the MCI has expressed its inability to hold a Common Entrance Test (CET) this year. A senior official in the MCI said, “Starting the CET from this year will not be possible as we want to give enough time to the students to prepare for the exam. We are already in March, holding the CET this year is not possible. Even the CBSE has expressed its unwillingness to hold the exam this academic year. But next year, they have communicated, they can do it.”

Speaking to The Indian Express, Health Secretary K Chandramouli clarified, “Conducting the CET is not possible this year. All the states will have to be taken on board before we start it. Even the MCI officials know they will not be able to conduct it this year.”

Hope this post clears all the confusions and clears the path for better preparation for AIPGE 2012 and those who are starting their house surgeoncy can start preparing for the NEET PG 2013 keeping their full faith on the central government.

Prerequisite for drugs to be eliminated by dialysis

Drugs eliminated by dialysis have the following features

  1. Low molecular mass<500da
  2. High water solubility
  3. Low plasma protein binding
  4. Small volume of distribution
  5. Long half life
  6. High dialysis clearance relative to total body clearance

Drugs which can be cleared by dialysis

  1. Acetone,Atenolol
  2. Barbiturates,Bromide
  3. Chloral hydrate
  4. Ethanol,Ethylene glycol,Isopropyl alcohol,Methanol
  5. Lithium
  6. Procainamide,Theophylline
  7. Salicylates,Sotalol,Heavy metals

Body Mass Index latest values to determine obesity.

Body mass Index

Underweight – <18.5

Normal – 18.5-24.9

Overweight >25

1.Preobese 25-29.9

2.Obese 1 -30 -34.9

3.Obese 2 – 35 -39.9

4.Morbid obesity >40

WHO has set some recommendations for Asians(to reduce the Obesity limit due to higher cardiovascular risk among Asians) but BMI still remains same as above.

Developmental milestones in a child

  1. Draws a vertical line – 2 year
  2. Draws a circle – 3 years
  3. Become aware of his/her sex- 3 -4yrs
  4. Draw a cross or plus sign – 4years
  5. Draw a Rectangle – 4 years
  6. Draw a triangle – 5 years
  7. Draw a tilted cross/multiplication sign- 5years

Tips for memory

  1. A girl understands her sex by 3 years isn’t it a coincidence that she learns to put a circle on her forehead by that time?
  2. Cross has 4 parts and rectangle has four sides.
  3. A multiplication sign if cut in half reads like V,it is the roman letter for 5.
  4. A Triangle on removing one side reads like V, so 5 comes to your mind.

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