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Common test’s used in orthopaedics

Barlow’s test -CDH

Ortolani’s test -CDH

Galleazi test -CDH

Allis test -CDH

Harts test – CDH

Thomas test -Fixed flexion deformity

Allens test – Palmar arch integrity

Gaenslens test – Sciatica

Mc Murrays test – Menisci

Anterior drawer test – Anterior cruciate ligament

Lachmans test – Anterior cruciate ligament

Pivot shift test – Anterior cruciate ligament

Posterior drawer test – Posterior cruciate ligament

Apprehension test – Anterior shoulder dislocation

Phalens test – Carpal tunnel syndrome

Finkelsteins test – De Quervains disease

Adsons test – Thoracic outlet syndrome

Wringing test – Lateral epicondylitis

Cozens test -Lateral epicondylitis

Lift off test – Subscapularis

Common named bone fractures and affected sites

Aviators fracture – Neck of talus

Boxers fracture -Neck of 5th metacarpal

Bennets -Intra articular fracture,base of 1st metacarpal

Rolandos -Extra articula fracture,base of 1st metacarpal

Chauffer’s fracture -Fracture radial styloid

Chance fracture- Horizontal fracture through vertebra

Clay shoveller’s -Spinous process of T1

Cotton’s fracture -Trimalleolar ankle fracture

Pott’s fracture – Bimalleolar ankle

Galeazzi fracture -Fracture distal radius with dislocation of distal radio ulnar joint

Jefferson’s fracture – Burst fracture of atlas(C1)

Jones fracture – Base of 5th metatarsal

Hangman’s fracture – Axis

Monteggia fracture – Fracture proximal ulna with radial head dislocation

March fracture -stress fracture shaft of 2nd or 3rd meta tarsal

Masonneres fracture – Neck of fibula

Snith’s fracture- Reverse colle’s

Pond fracture- Depressd skull fracture in infants

Toddler’s fracture -Spiral fracture of tibia

Crescent fracture – Fracture iliac bone with sacroiliac disruption.

Different types of pelvis and associated conditions

Tri radiate pelvis – Rickets,pagets disease

Beaked pelvis -Osteomalacia

Funnel shaped pelvis – Android pelvis

Rachitic pelvis – Rickets

Nageles pelvis- One ala absent

Roberts pelvis – Both ala absent

Kyphotic/funnel shaped – TB/Rickets

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