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Medical PG entrance preparation and memorization post’s summary.

From the time I started masterofmedicine blog, 2 years back, I have written a lot of posts about PG entrance preparation tips and books to follow. This post is a summary of these old posts which drew a lot of attention from readers.

1.The simplest and best way to do a task which is very difficult to perform.

Old wine tastes better than new wine. So our old memories can be refreshed with revision. This post deals with a simple method by which you can improve your chances to remember what you learned at an earlier date.

2.First session at CME Kottayam 2011.

My first day at Kottayam Medical College Alumni CME. This CME has helped many PG aspirants to reach their goal of an MD/MS seat. Now they have renovated the Auditorium and have converted it into an AC hall.Hope those who attend the Kottayam CME will taste success year after year.

3.Learning the Basics of medicine

Mastering the basics is the most important part in becoming a good medical practitioner.This post deals with tips to improve your basic skills.

4.How to learn medicine

The all time top page on masterofmedicine blog. Hope this post on how to learn medicine,will bring a new perspective to your learning methods.

5.Starting preparations for PG entrance 2012

Most of you may have already gone through this post. If you have not, read the post and go through the comments section to get an overall idea.

6.Walking down the memory lane, can you remember?

A post on memory improvement and strategies to follow for developing better memmory.

7.Common entrance for MBBS and PG,confusion prevails as the debate continues.

It is almost decided that NEET will be implemented in 2013. This post at an earlier date was debating on the possibility of conducting NEET in 2012

8.November AIIMS 10 days express revision tips.

Last minute revision tips posted for AIIMS nov 2011.

9.Tips to Master mnemonics.

Mnemonics are the cornerstone to success in any medical exam. When a vast topic has to be covered, a mnemonic will always aid in better memory and easier recall.Follow these tips to create mnemonics that stick.

10.How to use Supermemo to learn, revise and memorize for success.

Super memo is a great tool which will aid you in your revision. Using super memo regularly will improve your memory. I have tried it and is very satisfied with this free utility.

Bronchial asthma triggers, treatment and precautions.

Bronchial asthma which is often referred to as Asthma is caused by irritation of the airways.

When irritation of the airways occur, the airways contract and hence the width of the respiratory passages decrease and they get filled with secretions causing respiratory difficulty.This inflammation reduces the amount of air flowing through the air passages and cause violent respiratory efforts.

Etiology of bronchial asthma

There are many factors which can trigger an asthma attack,house dust,pollen,cotton dust,cobwebs etc. are some allergens which trigger an attack of asthma.Asthma can also be triggered by exercise, stress, tobacco soke, cold etc.

Children are the most susceptible for asthma.Some children get spontaneous remission in the 11-14 age group.The explanation given is that,as the child grows the child’s immune system gets adapted to the great number of allergens it comes across.

Most of the children affected will have a family history of asthma or atopy.They will have skin manifestations like contact dermatitis, eczema etc.


Allergens like pollen cause degranulation of mast cells.When mast cells degranulate, histamine gets released.Histamine causes the airway mucosa to swell and smooth muscles in the bronchiolar walls to contract causing symptoms of asthma.Histamine also causes local irritation and causes accumulation of secretions in the airway causing further irritation.

Clinical features


Shortness of breath

Chest tightness


Intercostal retraction


In severe asthma the wheeze may be audible without a stethoscope. There maybe bluish tinge to lips and tongue(cyanosis) due to increased carbon dioxide(carboxy hemoglobin) in blood.



Lung function tests

Chest Xray

Allergen assay

Blood investigations


1.Beta 2 agonists like salbutamol,terbutaline etc. are used in emergency management of bronchial asthma.These drugs helps in dilating the bronchial pathways thus allowing more air to pass through.
Salbutamol is available in the form of nebulization and tablets.
In emergency situations salbutamol nebulization is given.

2.Anticholinergic drugs -Ipatropium,Thiotropium

These drugs are given as nebulization along with beta 2 agonists.These drugs help in reducing secretions and help in relieving the bronchial muscle spasm.

3.Steroids- Steroids like dexamethasone are the mainstay of management for bronchial asthma.Steroid reduce the inflammation of the airways and give immediate relief.

For long term treatment of asthma a combination of a long acting beta 2 agonist(terbutaline) and a steroid is usually given.

4.Lekotriene antagonists -Monteleukast and Zafirleukast

5.Inhibitors of mast cell degranulation- Chromolyn sodium.These drugs are mainly used for the treatment of seasonal asthma triggered by pollen, cotton dust etc.

Precautions to be taken

Since dust is the major cause of asthma, frequent cleaning of rooms to avoid accumulation of dust is needed.

Window panes should remain shut during spring season when pollen grains disseminate.

Using of face masks while travelling on motorbikes is a necessary precaution to avoid triggering of asthma due to exhaust fumes.

Compliance and regular use of inhaled drugs as per the advice of the physician.

How to use Supermemo to learn, revise and memorize for success.

Most students spend a lot of their study time on computers.Now a days students use internet as a the source of information as quality information is available for free.. If you can use the time you spend on your computer effectively, it would be a great help for your exam preparations. Since I myself is in a habit of using laptop regularly, I searched for ideas to help me learn more from it. I found out many sites which would help me in my PG preparation and a good software too in the process.Supermemo is a software which helps you to revise and memorize important topics.

What is supermemo?

Supermemo is a great software which is available for free, which can help you in revising the topics you learn.You can create collections which can be memorized by spending about 30 minutes daily.

How does supermemo work?

Supermemo works on the concept of repetition and revision to help you remember the concepts you learn.Supermemo helps you to create notes to revise. It acts like a flashcard, and creates repetition schedules.Each time you fail in a repetition, supermemo makes you repeat the memorization process until the concept becomes embedded in you head.

Though this free tool has been available for quite some time,I think most of us wouldn’t have tried it. I have used this for past few months and have found it very effective in the process of memorization.If you want to learn more about supermemo and about improving your memory,you can visit the supermemo website.¬†Though many versions are available, I have listed the supermemo 2004 which is available as a freeware.If you have some money to spend, try out the latest version too.

Download supermemo 2004.

I hope readers of my blog like this freeware. Try it out and post your comments regarding supermemo.

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