Monthly Archives: May 2012

Medical PG entrance preparation and memorization post’s summary.

From the time I started masterofmedicine blog, 2 years back, I have written a lot of posts about PG entrance preparation tips and books to follow. This post is a summary of these old posts which drew a lot of …

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Bronchial asthma triggers, treatment and precautions.

Bronchial asthma which is often referred to as Asthma is caused by irritation of the airways. When irritation of the airways occur, the airways contract and hence the width of the respiratory passages decrease and they get filled with secretions …

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How to use Supermemo to learn, revise and memorize for success.

Most students spend a lot of their study time on computers.Now a days students use internet as a the source of information as quality information is available for free.. If you can use the time you spend on your computer …

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