Acid Base balance calculation





1.Find the primary defect

Metabolic Acidosis- Decreased HCO3-

Metabolic Alkalosis- Increased HCO3-

Respiratory Acidosis- Increased PCO2

Respiratory Alkalosis-Increased PCO2

2.Find the Compensation

Metabolic acidosis(Dec HCO3-)- For every 1meq fall in HCO3-,PCO2 falls by 1mmHg

Metabolic Alkalosis- For every 1meq rise of HCO3-,PCO2 rises by 0.6mmHg

Respiratory Acidosis- For every 10mmHg rise of PCO2

  1. HCO3- rises by 1meq in acute
  2. HCO3- rises 4meq in c/c

Respiratory Alkalosis-For every 10mmHg fall of PCO2

HCO3- falls by 2meq in acute RA

HCO3- falls by 4 meq in c/c RA

3.Check whether compensation is adequate/whether there is overcompensation.

Hydrogen Ion concentrations at different pH

pH        [H]

7.0  –  100

7.1-     80

7.2-    64

7.3-    50

7.4  –  40

7.5 –    32

7.6 –   26

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