Alkylating agents

  1. Transfer alkyl groups to various cellular constituents causing cell death.
  2. Alkylating agens—->cyclization—->Immonium ion/cabonium ion—–>transfer alkyl group.
  3. Major site of alkylation is N7 position of guanine with DNA.
  4. There are five major categories of alkylating agents.

Nitrogen mustards

  1. Cyclophosphamide
  2. Mechlorethamine
  3. Chlorambucil
  4. Melphalan
  5. Ifosfamide


  1. Carmustine
  2. Lomustine
  3. Semustine


  1. Thitepa
  2. Triethylethenilamine

Alkyl sulfonate


Platinum compounds and Methylhydrazine groups are also added to alkylating agents

Platinum compounds

  1. Cisplatin
  2. Oxaliplatin
  3. Carboplatin
  4. Nedaplatin


  1. Procarbazine
  2. Altretretamine

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