Alpha fetoprotein

Glycoprotein with half life of 4-6 days.

Synthesised by

  1. Fetal liver
  2. Yolk sac
  3. Intestinal epithelium

Disappears soon after birth <16ng/ml in adults.

Alpha fetoprotein may be elevated in:

  1. 1* Hepatocellular cancer including hepatoblastoma.
  2. Non Seminomatous testicular tumours.
  3. Yolk sac ovarian tumours
  4. Teratocarcinoma.
  5. Gastric carcinoma
  6. Pancreatic carcinoma
  7. Breast carcinoma
  8. Renal carcinoma
  9. Lung carcinoma

Note: Seminoma and Choriocarcinoma do not secrete AFP.

Since Dysgerminoma is female counterpart of  Seminoma it also does not secrete AFP.

Choriocarcinoma-Maaximum secretion of HCG.

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