Deposition of Amyloid in tissues

Amyloid proteins

AL/Amyloid light chain

Derived from plasma cells and contain immunoglobulin light chains

Associated with primary amyloidosis

Multiple myeloma, Monoclonal B cell proliferation

AA/Amyloid associated protein

Non immunoglobulin protein synthesized by Reticulo endothelial cells of liver

Associated with secondary/reactive systemic amyloidosis

Chronic inflammatory conditions
  1. TB
  2. Bronchiectasis
  3. Osteomyelitis
Connective tissue disorders
  1. Rheumatoid arthritis
  2. Ankylosing spondylitis
  3. Primary biliary cirrhosis
Non immune disorders
  1. Renal cell Ca
  2. Hodgkins lymphoma
Less common forms
  1. Beta 2 microglobulin-Hemodialysis associated amyloid
  2. Beta 2 amyloid protein(ABeta)-Senile cerebral,Alzheimers
  3. Transthyretin(ATTR)-Familial amyloidotic neuropathies,sysstemic senile amyloidosis
  4. Calcitonin associated amyloid(A cal)-Medullary Ca thyroid
  5. Islet amyloid peptide(AIAPP)-Type II diabetes
  6. Atrial natriuretic factor associated amyloid(AANF)-Isolated atrial amyloidosis,Prion disease

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