Anatomy of lung

Surface markings of pleura.

  1. 8 th rib- in Anterior/Mid clavicular Line
  2. 10th rib- Mid axillary line
  3. 12th rib- Posteriorly

Surface markings of Lung

  1. 6th rib- Ant/MCL
  2. 8th rib-MAL
  3. 10th rib-Posteriorly

While doing thoracocentesis

  1. Don’t Pierce below the rib-VAN lies here
  2. Don’t pierce above either because collaterals may lie here
  3. Middle part is safe/pierce obliquely

Phrenic nerve lies anterior to hilum

Vagus and thoracic duct -lies posterior to hilum.

Right lung

  1. Right lung is divided into 3 lobes,superior,middle and inferior by horizontal and oblique fissures
  2. Right main bronchus divides into 2 lobar bronchi.

Left lung

  1. Divided into 2 lobes,superior and inferior by oblique fissure
  2. Lingula is a tongue shaped projection of supeior lobe of left lung below cardiac notch(4th rib)
  3. Left main bronchus divides into 3 lobar bronchi

Mnemonic:Right lung=32 left lung=23,right lung heavier so more lobes and less bronchi.

Right bronchus is shorter(2cm) wider and vertical while left bronchus is longer(5cm) narrow and horizontal.

Bronchopulmonary segments

  1. BPS is a segment of lung seperated from other by a connective tissue septum.
  2. Right lung has 10 segments while left has only 8.
  3. Each BPS has a tertiary/segmental bronchus and 2 arteries(bronchial and pulmonary)in the center,veins and lymphatics along the borders.

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