Anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments

ACL and PCL are almost exactly opposite in their functions.

Anterior cruciate Ligament

  1. Major stabilizer of knee
  2. Limits anterior translation of tibia on femur
  3. Limits hyper extension of knee
  4. Attached on tibia just behind anterior horn of medial meniscus
  5. Runs upwards forwards,backwards and laterally.
  6. Attached on femur over medial surface of lateral femoral condyle
  7. Intracapsular and intrasynovial
  8. Taut during extension of knee
  9. Injury is by a twisting force on a semiflexed knee

Posterior cruciate Ligament

  1. Prevents posterior tanslation of tibia on femur
  2. Limits hyperextension of knee only if ACL is ruptured
  3. Attached to  tibia behind posterior horn of medial meniscus
  4. Runs upwards forwards and medially
  5. Attached on femur over lateral surface of medial femoral condyle
  6. Intracapsular but extrasynovial
  7. Taut during flexion of knee
  8. Dashboard impact injury is the most common type of injury

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