Antidotes for some commonly used medicines

Knowing the effects and side effects of a medicine is very important while prescribing a medicine.Over dose of a medicine can cause severe adverse effects, so knowing which antidote to give is needed when such a situation arises.Given below is a list of commonly used medicines and their specific antidotes

Drugs and their Antidotes

1.Antidote for INSULIN- GLUCOSE(Dextrose)

2.Antidote for HEPARIN -Protamine Sulfate

3.Antidote for Iron -Desferrioxamine

4.Antidote for Flouride- Calcium Salts

5.Antidote for Morphine – Naloxone

6.Antidote for Paracetamol – N Acetyl cystiene

7.Antidote for Dopamine- Phentolamine

8.Antidote for Trucyclic Antidepressants- Physostigmine

9.Antidote for Betablockers- Glucagon

10.Antidote for Warfarin- Vitamin K

11.Antidote for Digoxin- Digibind

Activated charcoal is a common antidote for many ddrugs/pesticides which are ingested or overdosed.


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