Antinuclear antibodies

  1. Anti ds DNA antibody-SLE
  2. Anti histone antibody-Drug induced SLE
  3. Anti sm antibody/antibody to core protein of small nuclear ribonucleoprotein/anti smith antigen-SLE
  4. SSa(Ro) and SSb(La)-Antibodies to ribonucleoprotein antigens-Sjogren syndrome
  5. Ab of ribonucleoprotein antigen containing ULRNP-Mixed connective tissue disease
  6. Anti DNA topoisomerase antibody(Scl 70)- Diffuse systemic sclerosis
  7. Anti centromeric antibody-Limited scleroderma(CREST)
  8. Histidyl tRNA synthetase-Inflammatory myopathy
  9. Anti mitochondrial antibody-Primary biliary cirrhosis

Other antibodies

pANCA positive in 60-70% of Ulcerative colitis

Antisaccharomyces cerevesiae antibodies(ASCA)-Positive in 60-70% crohns

pANCA+ with ASCA-ve   – 97% specificity for UC

pANCA+ with ASCA+ve   -97% specificity for CD

Antiendomysial ab- Celiac sprue

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