Bacteria and their alternate names

Klebsiella pneumoniae
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Making absurd and vivid associations is the key to memory.

Bordetella- Bordet Gengou bacillus

Clostridium tetani-Nicolaire’s  bacillus(Nicolas cage, nail stick injury on his foot)

Corynebacterium diptheriae-Kelbs Loeffler’s bacillus(Diptheria near tonsil>tonsil is like a club>Kleb)

Coryn pseudotuberculosis-Priesz Nocard bacillus(Peace prize for not being tuberculosis!)

Coryn Pseudodipthericum-Hoffman’s bacillus

Hemophilus aegipticus-Koch weeks bacillus

H.influenzae-Pfeiffer’s bacillus(Wheezers bacillus)

Klebsiella pneumoniae-Friedlander’s bacillus

K.ozonae-Abel’s bacillus(Abel is now in heaven,above the ozone layer)

K.rhinoscleromatosis-Frisch bacillus

Mycobacterium tuberculosis-Koch’s bacillus(Koch had TB?)

M.intracellulare-Battey’s bacillus(battery=cell>battey>intracellulare)

M.paratuberculosis-Johne’s bacillus

Mycoplasma-Eaton agent

Pseudomonas pseudomallee-Whitmore’s bacillus

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