Blood and nerve supply of heart

Sternocostal surface of heart. (Right coronary...
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Arterial blood supply

Right coronary artery

  1. Posterior descending artery
  2. Marginal artery


  1. Right atrium
  2. Right ventricle and post1/3rd of IV septum
  3. SA node
  4. AV node

Left coronary artery

  1. Left anterior descending A
  2. Circumflex A


  1. Anterior part of right and left ventricle
  2. Lateral wall of LV
  3. Anterior 2/3rd of IV sepum
  4. AV groove
  5. SA node in 40% cases

Left artery dominance: It is a variation in which most of the heart tissue is supplied by LCA. Entire IV septum and LV.

Massive MI and death may occur in occlusion.

Venous drainage

  1. 90% drains into RA through coronary sinus via great,middle and small cardiac veins.
  2. 10% drains into other chambers via venae cordis minimis

Transverse pericardial sinus

Seperates venous and arterial(Aorta and pulmonary artery) parts vessels emerging from heart.Used to ligate vessels during heart transplant.

Nerve supply


  1. Right Vagus- SA node and atria
  2. Left vagus-AV node and conducting tissue

Sympathetic via Cervical and upper thoracic sympathetic ganglia.

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