Cardiac Cycle

  1. Total duration of cardiac cycle= 0.8 S
  2. Ventricular systole- 0.3S
  3. Ventricular diastole-0.5S
  4. Atrial systole- 0.1 S
  5. Atrial Diastole- 0.7 S

Stroke volume=70-80ml


ESV=EDV-SV=130-70=60 ml is residual volume

Contraction starts in the RA and proceeds in the clockwise direction,ie RA—>LA—>LV—>RV

Mitral valves close first, tricuspid valve closes later.

Pulmonary valve opens first and closes second(due to low pressure,25mm to overcome)

Aortic valve opens 2nd and closes first(due to higher pressure,120mm)

S3 is early diastolic and s4 is late diastolic

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