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Types of Collagen

Out of the total 16 types of collagen 4 of them are most important ones Collagen types are: Type I:¬† Bone,fibrocartilage,ligaments,tendon,dentin Type II:Vitreous, Hyaline cartilage,Elastic Cartilage Type III:Healing tissue,muscle,Blood vessels Type IV:Basement membrane Memory tip The type of collagen proceeds …

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Layers of SCALP ,blood supply and nerve supply

SCALP has 5 layers and it can be memorized by a simple mnemonic SCALP Layers of SCALP-Mnemonic S -Skin C-Connective tissue A-Aponeurosis L-Loose areolar tissue P-Pericranium Blood supply of scalp The Internal carotid and External carotid artery which together give …

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Ventricles in the brain

What is a ventricle in the brain? The ventricles of the brain are a communicating network of cavities filled with cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and located within the brain parenchyma. Which are the ventricles? The ventricular system is composed of 2 …

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Development of genital structures in males and females

Genital structures in males Genital tubercle -Glans penis Urogenital sinus¬† -Corpus spongiosum,Bulbourethral glands(Cowpers),Prostrate Urogenital folds -Ventral shaft of penis Labioscrotal swelling -Scrotum Gubernaculum -Gubernaculum testis Mesonephric/Wolffian duct -Epididymis,Ejaculatory duct,Ductus deferens Paramesonephric/Mullerian duct -Appendix of testis,prostatic utricle Genital structures in females …

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Derivatives of dorsal and ventral mesogastrium

Derivatives of dorsal and ventral mesogastrium.

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Diaphragm development

Diaphragm develops from the following components: Septum transversum Pleuroperitoneal membranes Ventral and dorsal mesenteries of esophagus Mesoderm of body wall Cervical myotomes Septum transversum forms the central tendon of the diaphragm    

Vertebral artery segments and branches

Vertebral artery arises from the first part of Subclavian artery. Vertebral artery is the first and the largest part of Subclavian artery. Divisions of vertebral artery V1 segment – From origin to transverse process of C6 vertebra V2 segment– Runs …

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