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Mosquitoes and their eggs

Anopheles Eggs- In flowing water,with lateral floats ,laid singly. Culex eggs- Raft shaped,in groups Aedes- Cigar shaped,in groups Mansoni -Star shaped,beneath around water plants. Anopheles larvae- Free living lie parallel to surface. Adult anopheles sits at an angle to the …

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Diseases caused by tick,mite,louse,flea

Tick Soft tick Q fever Relapsing fever Hard tick Tick typhus Tick paralysis viral encephalitis viral hemorrhagic fever KFD Tularemia Human babesosis MITE Itch mite: Scabies Thrombuculid mite: Scrub typhus Rikettsial pox Louse Rhymes with blouse Epidemic typhus Relapsing fever …

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Mosquito bourne diseases

Anopheles:Malaria Culex: Japanese encephalitis Bancroftian filariasis Westnile fever Inflammatory arthritis Mnemonic:On the way to my bank ,I saw a cuteĀ  Japanese mounted on an elephant floating through westnile. Aedes: Dengue Chikungunya Riftvalley fever Yellow fever Yellow chicken isĀ  abundant in …

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