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Mosquitoes and their eggs

Anopheles Eggs- In flowing water,with lateral floats ,laid singly.

Culex eggs- Raft shaped,in groups

Aedes- Cigar shaped,in groups

Mansoni -Star shaped,beneath around water plants.

Anopheles larvae- Free living lie parallel to surface.

Adult anopheles sits at an angle to the surface.

All other larvae lie at an angle and require siphons for breathing.

Diseases caused by tick,mite,louse,flea


Soft tick

  1. Q fever
  2. Relapsing fever

Hard tick

  1. Tick typhus
  2. Tick paralysis
  3. viral encephalitis
  4. viral hemorrhagic fever
  5. KFD
  6. Tularemia
  7. Human babesosis


Itch mite: Scabies

Thrombuculid mite:

  1. Scrub typhus
  2. Rikettsial pox


Rhymes with blouse

  1. Epidemic typhus
  2. Relapsing fever
  3. Trench fever
  4. Pediculosis

Rat flea(Xenopsilla cheopis)

  1. Endemic plague
  2. Epidemic plague
  3. Bubonic plague
  4. Chiggerosis

Sand fly

  1. Kala azar
  2. Oriental sore
  3. Oraya fever
  4. Sandfly fever

Tse tse fly

African sleeping sickness

Black fly-Onchocerciasis

Reduviid bug-Chagas disease

Cyclops-Guinea worm disease

Mosquito bourne diseases



  1. Japanese encephalitis
  2. Bancroftian filariasis
  3. Westnile fever
  4. Inflammatory arthritis

Mnemonic:On the way to my bank ,I saw a cuteĀ  Japanese mounted on an elephant floating through westnile.


  1. Dengue
  2. Chikungunya
  3. Riftvalley fever
  4. Yellow fever

Yellow chicken isĀ  abundant in the rift valley.

Mansonoids: Brugian filariasis

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