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Nasal Polyps: Antrochoanal polyp vs Ethmoidal Polyp.

Antrochoanal Polyp Due to infections Solitary, more common in children Usually unilateral Trilobed, has antral and choanal parts Arises from Maxillary sinus near ostium Grows backwards to the choana and may hang down fromĀ  behind soft palate. Not precancerous Not …

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Membranes and Ligaments of Larynx

Ligaments and membranes of Larynx are divided into extrinsic and intrinsic Membranes of Larynx Extrinsic-Thyrohyoid membrane Intrinsic-Quadrangular membrane,Cricothyroid membrane,conus elasticus Ligaments of larynx Extrinsic Median thyrohyoid ligament Lateral thyrohyoid ligament Hyoepiglottic ligament Cricotracheal ligament Intrinsic Anterior/median cricothyroid ligament Thyroepiglottic ligament. …

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Type A- Normal tympanogram Type As- Compliance lower, seen in fixation of ossicles eg:Otosclerosis,malleus fixation Type Ad- High compliance,Seen in ossicular discontinuity and lax tympanic membrane Type B- Flat dome shaped graph.No change in compliance.Seen in middle ear fluid/thick tympanic …

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Trotters triad

Conductive deafness(Eustachian tube blockade) Ipsilateral temperoparietal neuralgia(Vth N) Palatal palsy(Xth N)

Nasal cavity and openings

Superior and middle concha/turbinate- Part of ethmoid bone Inferior Concha is a seperate bone. Openings in meatus Superior meatus- Posterior ethmoid sinus Middle meatus- Frontal sinus,Anterior and middle Ethmoid sinus,Hiatus semilunaris recieves maxillary sinus Inferior meatus- Nasolacrimal Duct(INDia) Spheno ethmoidal …

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Levels of Lymphnodes on neck

Level I- Submandibular and sublingual triangle Level II- Laterally from skull base upto hyoid bone(bifurcation of common carotid) Level III-Bifurcation of CC to cricoid cartilage(Omohyoid tendon) Level IV- Omohyoid tendon to clavicle Level V- Posterior triangle of neck Level VI-Anterior …

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Thyroglossal cyst,Branchial cyst and cystic Hygroma

Thyroglossal cyst 90% Thyroglossal cysts lie in the midline Commonest site for thyroglossal cyst-Subhyoid. Atypical thyroglossal cysts are usually found on left side. Thyroglossal cyst is the commonest congenital neck swelling. Commonest cause of recurrence is the failure to remove …

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