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Fetal Biophysical profile.

Fetal biophysical profile is also known as Mannings score. BPP is used to check fetal fetal well-being. Components of BPP Non Stress test(NST) Amniotic fluid index(AFI) Fetal breathing movements Fetal tone Fetal gross body movements Winslow Scoring test/Modified BPP Modified …

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Types of pelvis

Gynaecoid-True female pelvis(post sagittal diam slightly shorter than ant sagittal diam) Android-Post sagittal diameter at inlet much shorter than ant sagittal diameter, no space for head of fetus Anthropoid-AP>TRANS Platypelloid-Transv>AP

Staging of Ca Cervix,Ca endometrium, Ca Ovary

Carcinoma Cervix The TNM staging system for cervical cancer is analogous to the FIGO stage. Stage 0 – full-thickness involvement of the epithelium without invasion into the stroma (carcinoma in situ) Stage I – limited to the cervix IA – …

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