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Heart murmurs and their physiologic responses to stress

Heart murmurs vary in quality and duration with specific physiological influences.Knowing these changes can help us differentiate between specific murmurs. Respiration Inspiration Right sided heart murmurs become loud with inspiration Systolic sounds – TR/PS Diastolic sounds – TS/PR Right sided …

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Clinical features of Infective endocarditis

Clinical features of Infective endocarditis is one of the favorite questions of examiners. Given below is the clinical features of IE and short explanations. Oslers nodes– tender nodules in pulp of fingers and sole. Janeway lesions – Non tender erythematous …

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Named heart murmurs and their causes

Carey Coombs murmur– Mid diastolic murmur, in rheumatic fever Austin Flint murmur– mid- late diastolic murmur,inĀ  Aortic Regurgitation. Graham- Steel murmur– high pitched, diastolic, in pulmonary regurgitation. Rytands murmur – mid diastolic atypical murmur, in Complete heart block. Docks murmur-diastolic …

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