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Mannings score and Bishops score

The three most important scores in Obtetrics are Mannings score,Bishops score and APGAR score. Mannings score/Biophysical Profile(BPP) The components of Biophysical profile are: Non Stress Test(NST) Amniotic Fluid Index Foetal breathing movements Foetal gross body movement Fetal tone Modified BPP/Vintzileos …

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Named signs of pregnancy in first trimester.

Placental sign– Bleeding at the time of next menstruation Hartman sign– Implantation bleeding Jacquemier’s sign(Chadwick’s sign) -Blue hue of vagina Osiander’s sign – Increased pulsation felt through lateral fornix by 8 weeks. Goodell’s sign – Softening of cervix Piskacek’s sign …

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