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Antidotes for some commonly used medicines

Knowing the effects and side effects of a medicine is very important while prescribing a medicine.Over dose of a medicine can cause severe adverse effects, so knowing which antidote to give is needed when such a situation arises.Given below is …

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Sister Mary Joseph Nodule

Sister Mary Joseph Dempsey (born Julia Dempsey; 1856-1939) was the surgical assistant of William J. Mayo at St. Mary’s Hospital in Rochester, Minnesota,USA from 1890 to 1915. She drew Mayo’s attention to the phenomenon, and he published an article about …

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Cardinal Signs of Kanavel

Seen in suppurative tenosynovitis,which involves infection of the flexor tendon sheath, which is usually caused by a puncture wound to the volar aspect of the digit or palm. Diagnosed by:Cardinal Signs of Kanavel Finger held in flexion. Fusiform swelling of …

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The Reconstructive ladder of soft tissues

The reconstructive ladder of soft-tissue coverage begins with consideration of the simplest approach (healing by secondary intention) and culminates with the most complex (free tissue transfer) 1.Healing by secondary intention is the simplest approach but is not always feasible. Absolute …

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Why do people undergoing surgery develop transient diabetes

  During our training period in surgical wards in the medical college, we encounter a lot of accident cases, non healing ulcers, necrotizing fascitis etc. Most of these people have one thing in common, increased blood sugar levels. One thing …

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X ray KUB showing Left VUJ calculus

X-ray KUB showing Left vesico ureteric junction calculus.

Hodgkins lymphoma classification

There are five subtypes of Hodgkins lymphoma, they are distinguished by their morphology immunophenotype and clinical features.This classification of Hodgkins Lymphoma helps in determining the treatment and provides a rough idea regarding prognosis. 1.Nodular sclerosis Frequent lacunar cells and occassional …

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