Causes of renal papillary necrosis mnemonic

Structures of the kidney: 1.Renal pyramid 2.In...

Structures of the kidney: 1.Renal pyramid 2.Interlobar artery 3.Renal artery 4.Renal vein 5.Renal hilum 6.Renal pelvis 7.Ureter 8.Minor calyx 9.Renal capsule 10.Inferior renal capsule 11.Superior renal capsule 12.Interlobar vein 13.Nephron 14.Minor calyx 15.Major calyx 16.Renal papilla 17.Renal column (no distinction for red/blue (oxygenated or not) blood, arteriole is between capilaries and larger vessels (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What is renal papillary necrosis?

It is a type of coagulative necrosis, which affects the renal medullary pyramids and papillae.

Conditions causing renal papillary necrosis can be remembered by this simple mnemonic.

Mnemonic for Renal papillary Necrosis



Obstruction of the urogenital tract

Sickle cell disease


Chronic liver disease

Analgesia/Alcohol abuse

Renal transplant rejection 

Diabetes mellitus

Systemic vasculitis

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