Cavernous sinus


Structures on lateral wall from above down

  1. Oculomotor(III)
  2. Trochlear(IV)
  3. Opthalmic(V1)
  4. Maxillary(V2)
  5. Trigeminal ganglion

Passing through center of sinus

  1. Abducent(VI) nerve
  2. Internal carotid artery

In short 3,4,5,6 are related to cavernous sinus.

Incoming channels

  1. Superior opthalmic vein
  2. Inferior opthalmic vein
  3. Central vein of retina
  4. Superficial middle cerebral vein
  5. Inferior cerebral vein
  6. Sphenoparietal sinus
  7. Middle meningeal vein

Draining channels

  1. Superior petrosal sinus(Drain into Transverse sinus)
  2. Inferior petrosal sinus(Drains into IJV)
  3. Emissary veins
  4. Superior opthalmic vein
  5. Intercavernous vein

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