CDC categories of potential agents of Bioterrorism.

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CDC has divided potential bioterrorism agents into 3 categories Category A, Cat B and Cat C.

Category A

Easily disseminated and result in high mortality, hence given the highest priority.

  1. Anthrax
  2. Botulism
  3. Plague
  4. Small Pox
  5. Tularemia
  6. Viral hemorrhagic fevers
  • Lassa fever
  • Crimean congo fever
  • Ebola
  • Marburg

Plague is one of the most potent members of this group, because pnemonic plague has a mortality of 100% if untreated and it has person to person transmission

Category B

Moderately easy to disseminate and result in moderate mortality and morbidity, hence given second highest priority.

  1. Brucellosis
  2. Glanders
  3. Meliodosis
  4. Q fever
  5. Typhus fever
  6. Viral encephalitis
  7. Cholera

Category C

Emerging pathogens against which the general population lacks immunity

  1. Nipah virus
  2. Hanta virus
  3. SARS virus
  4. Influenza virus


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