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Circle of Willis is an arterial circle at the BASE of Brain.

Parts of Circle of Willis

The left and right vertebral arteries join to form Basilar artery

Basilar artery divides into 2 posterior cerebral arteries

Posterior cerebral arteries connected to Internal carotid artery through 2 Posterior communicating arteries.

Anterior cerebral arteries arise from Internal carotid A

The two anterior cerebral arteries connected by Anterior communicating artery.

So circle of willis is formed by:

1.Posterior cerebral artery

2.Posterior communicating artery

3.Anterior cerebral artery

4.Anterior communicating artery

Circle of Willis forms the main source of blood to most parts of the brain parenchyma.
A block of any of these arteries can cause stroke. One of the common areas affected is middle cerebral artery territory in the internal capsule area.
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