Clotting Factors and clotting disorders





V-Proaccelerin,labile factor

VI-No factor

VII-Stable factor,proconvertin

VIII-Anti Hemophilic Factor A,PTC

IX-Anti Hemophilic Factor B,Christmas factor

X-Stuart prower factor

XI-Anti Hemophilic factor C,PTA

XII-Hageman Factor,Glass factor

XIII-Laki Lorand factor,Fibrin Stabilizing Factor

HMW Kininogen-Fitzgerald factor

Pre Kallikrein-Fletcher factor

Important points

  1. Vit K dependent factors- II,VII,IX,X
  2. Factors which are involved in the intrinsic and common pathways of coagulation will be absent in serum.
  3. Factor VII is present in both plasma and serum because it is involved in extrinsic system of coagulation.
  4. Intrinsic pathway involves Factors – XII,XI,IX,VIII.
  5. Common pathway involves-X, V,prothrombin(II),fibrinogen(I),XIII.
  6. Extrinsic pathway and intrinsic pathway meets at Factor X.
  7. PT is prolonged in disorders of Extrinsic system and common pathways- Factor VII deficiency
  8. PTT prolonged in disorders of Intrinsic and Common pathways- Von Willebrands factor deficiency,Factor VIII def

Disorders of coagulation

Dysfibrinogenemia- PT,PTT and TT prolonged

Von Willebrands disease- Isolated PTT prolongation with normal PT

Ureal clot lysis test- Factor XIII

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