Common Entrance Exam to be conducted for medicine PG in 2012

The Website of Medical Council of India(MCI) has listed Vision 2015. It has proposed to conduct Common Entrance Examination for the year 2012. This move will be welcomed by most PG aspirants, because it opens door to many PG seats which were not available for selection by All India Entrance Examination. As every decision, this decision too has it pros and cons.This Common entrance exam has been named as NEET PG(National Eligibility cum Entrance Test for Post Graduates).

We are not yet sure whether this will be implemented next year(2012) because I heard that before any drastic change in an examination system a freezeĀ  period of 2 years is recommended before applying the change to the system.Since the Supreme Court has directed to conduct the Common entrance exam by next year, it is also possible that the govt may conduct it in 2012. So let us gear up for both formats, it will be just like a toss, heads- NEET PG, Tails – Old Scheme.

I see four possibilities.

1. Old Scheme exam in 2012 also, ie 300 questions 31/2 hours and state entrance exams also.

2. New scheme 180 questions, but just AIPGE 2012 and state entrance exams.

3. Old scheme and Common entrance exam.

4.New scheme and common entrance exam.


1. Single entrance exam.

2. Money and time is saved.

3. More seats.

4. Online exam, so time spent on darkening bubbles is saved.


1.Only one exam

2. Only 180 questions and lots of time, fortune may favor the brave.

3.If you are sick and cannot write the exam, you will have to wait till next year for writing the next exam.

4. Online exam,if your system fails or if you are not net savvy, you are doomed.

Given below is the disclosure given on MCI website:

National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test for Post Graduates (NEET-PG) for 2012

Candidates who have completed internship or those expecting to complete by March 31, 2012 will be eligible to take the examination. About 100,000 and maybe upto a maximum of 1,50,000 candidates are expected to take the examination. It will be notified in August 2011 with applications collected by September end. The admit cards will be dispatched by middle of November 2011. The examination will be online type conducted in the middle of
January, 2012 and the number of sessions etc will be finalized after the feasibility is explored. The MD/MS courses will commence from May 2, 2012. The candidates aspiring for direct 5-year Neurosurgery and neurology super-specialty or similar courses will have to take this NEET-PG
examination for the courses commencing in August. There will be a common paper with 180 MCQs at MBBS standard to be answered in 3 hours.

If you want to read more on vision 2015 go via this link and search NEET PG in the search box.

  1. i strongly blve that we shld neet xam

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