Common test’s used in orthopaedics

Barlow’s test -CDH

Ortolani’s test -CDH

Galleazi test -CDH

Allis test -CDH

Harts test – CDH

Thomas test -Fixed flexion deformity

Allens test – Palmar arch integrity

Gaenslens test – Sciatica

Mc Murrays test – Menisci

Anterior drawer test – Anterior cruciate ligament

Lachmans test – Anterior cruciate ligament

Pivot shift test – Anterior cruciate ligament

Posterior drawer test – Posterior cruciate ligament

Apprehension test – Anterior shoulder dislocation

Phalens test – Carpal tunnel syndrome

Finkelsteins test – De Quervains disease

Adsons test – Thoracic outlet syndrome

Wringing test – Lateral epicondylitis

Cozens test -Lateral epicondylitis

Lift off test – Subscapularis

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