Development of brain


  1. Telencephalon-Cerebrum
  2. Diencephalon-Thalamus,hypothalamus


  • Mesecephalon-Midbrain


  1. Metencephalon-Pons,cerebellum
  2. Myelencephalon-Medulla ,Spinal cord


Lateral ventricle- Cavity in telencephalon

3rd ventricle-Cavity in diencephalon

Cerebral aqueduct-Cavity in mesencephalon

4th ventricle-Cavity in rhombencephalon

Mnemonic:Professionals eat from Mess which is Rhomboid in shape.If you are a professional you may have to make telephone call and practice  Dichotomy.Mess remained a mess and what the rhomboid did was to facilitate Metens and Myelens at their corners.

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