Developmental milestones in a child

  1. Draws a vertical line – 2 year
  2. Draws a circle – 3 years
  3. Become aware of his/her sex- 3 -4yrs
  4. Draw a cross or plus sign – 4years
  5. Draw a Rectangle – 4 years
  6. Draw a triangle – 5 years
  7. Draw a tilted cross/multiplication sign- 5years

Tips for memory

  1. A girl understands her sex by 3 years isn’t it a coincidence that she learns to put a circle on her forehead by that time?
  2. Cross has 4 parts and rectangle has four sides.
  3. A multiplication sign if cut in half reads like V,it is the roman letter for 5.
  4. A Triangle on removing one side reads like V, so 5 comes to your mind.

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