Extradural vs subdural haematoma

Extradural haematoma

  1. Arterial blood accumulates between skull and dura
  2. Middle meningeal artery rupture following temporal bone fracture
  3. Characterised by Lucid interval.
  4. On CT scan Extradural haematoma appears as a CONVEX hyperdense mass if it is acute EDH.
  5. Extradural haematoma is convEX

Subdural Haematoma

  1. Venous blood accumulates between dura and arachnoid mater
  2. Usually due to rupture of superficial bridging veins between cerebral cortex and venous sinuses.
  3. Occurs in elderly and alcoholics after relatively minor trauma.
  4. On CT scan SDH appears as Concave/Crescent shaped mass.
  5. SDH is less dense than EDH because blood is diluted with CSF.

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