FAB classification of AML

8 types

Mo- Minimally differentiated AML

M1- AML without maturation

M2-Most common t(8:21)

M3-Promyelocytic leukemia t(15:17)multiple Auer rods,DIC

M4-Acute myelomonocytic,both myeloblasts and monoblasts seen,inversion 16

M5-A/c monocytic leukemia t(9:11)high incidence of organomegaly,tissue infiltration and lymphadenopathy

M6-A/c erythroid leukemia,Di gugliemo d/s,abnormal erythroid precursors seen

M7-Least common,a/c megakaryocytic leukemia,Release of PGDF causes myelofibrosis

Tip: Action starts from M3-promyelocytic,M4- Myelomonocytic,M5-Monocytic,M6-Erythroid,M7-Megakaryocytic.Because M0 M1 and M2 didnt have any names.

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