Features of Insulinoma,diagnosis and treatment

Features of Insulinoma are:

  1. Occur exclusively in the pancreas
  2. 90% are benign(10% Malignant)
  3. 90% Solitary(10% multiple)
  4. 90% <2cm in size(10%>2cm size)

Whipple’s triad

  1. Fasting hypoglycemia
  2. Blood glucose level <50mg/dl
  3. Symptoms relieved by glucose intake

Diagnosed by:

  1. Increased C Peptide levels
  2. Increased Pro Insulin
  3. Increased Insulin:Glucose ratio


Gold standard test for insulinoma: 72 hour fast test



  1. Selectively destroys pancreatic islets by inhibiting DNA synthesis.
  2. Treatment of choice for metastatic Insulinomas


  1. Solitary Insulinoma-Enucleation
  2. Multiple – Pancreatic resection
  3. Malignant Insulinoma – Distal pancreatectomy/Whipples Operation

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