Features of Prostatic,membranous and Penile urethra.

Male Urethra

Male urethra is 20 cm long and consists of 3 parts.

The external urethral orifice is the narrowest part of male urethra.

Prostatic urethra

  1. Length is 3cm
  2. Widest and most dilatable part of male urethra.

Membranous urethra

  1. Lenght is 2cm
  2. Shortest and least dilatable
  3. Bulbourethral glands of cowper are placed on either side of membranous urethra
  4. Surrounded by fibers of sphincter urethrae(external sphincter)

Penile urethra/Spongy/Cavernous urethra

  1. 15 cm in length
  2. Has 2 dilatatons -intrabulbar fossa at beginning and navicular fossa in glans penis.
  3. BUGC and glands of littre open into penile urethra.


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