Femoral Triangle and contents

Boundaries of femoral triangle

  1. Superiorly -Inguinal ligament
  2. Medially -Medial border of adductor longus
  3. Laterally- Medial border of sartorius
  4. Floor-from lateral to medial by Iliopsoas,Pectineus,Adductor longus.
  5. Roof-Fascia lata and cribriform fascia

Contents-from Medial to lateral

1.Femoral sheath and its contents

  • Femoral canal with deep inguinal nodes(LN of cloquet) and lymphatic vessels-Medial compartment
  • Femoral Vein and its proximal tributaries(Great saphenous and deep femoral)-Intermediate compartment
  • Femoral artery and its branches and femoral br of genitofemoral N-Lateral compartment

2.Femoral Nerve

So in VAN which lies from medial to lateral, Nerve lies outside the femoral sheath but inside the femoral triangle.

FemoralĀ  sheath is funnel shaped about 3-4 cm size, base of femoral canal is called femoral ring, site of femoral hernia.

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