First session at CME Kottayam 2011.

Being an alumni of Kottayam medical college, I was well acquainted with the auditorium where the CME for PG aspirants is held year after year. From the time I was a student at Medical college I have seen hundreds of PG aspirants come and go. Colorful dress, smiling faces, charming looks, these students do bring life to our campus. After the entrance season sundays are less busy, shopkeepers have less to sell, Hotel Anand( the only Vegetarian hotel) seems deserted.

As the tradition here is to start the CME with session from the very experienced Dr. P T Thomas sir year after year, this year was no exception. He started by giving a short talk on how to prepare for Medical PG entrance exams, the scoring system, value of questions etc. and continued with an interesting class on general surgery.As any Keralite would know, the season is summer and it is humid atmosphere inside the auditorium, so I chose to sit in the adjoining hall where there is ample ventilation.  We are all waiting for the new AC hall, which have been lagging behind expected date of completion.

Many faces were familiar, those who tried hard by learning subject wise books, those who failed to revise in the right time, some who forgot to read AG and MK  and yet some others who were new to the CME. So all have come with great aspirations, to work hard and get a PG of their choice.But at the end those with most determination, self control, and  mugging skills pass through and the smart, “do it all” guys are left behind.

Next session is on saturday by our talented Pharmacology sir,Dr. Sunil Kumar and sunday session is by Dr. Harikrishnan who has great knowledge and knows how to prepare notes and engages us all in interesting conversation. So I am expecting great learning experience on those days, and a packed auditorium full of eager students.

Like compliments given to female students by their female hostelmates, ” May this beautiful, elegant , hardworking, charming, lady  get MD Paediatrics as she wishes!”, I wish you all great success.

  1. i bumped into this by hitting on ur twitter tweet.. Anyhow read the whole thing and many others of ur posts’ me too there at kmcaa… All de best for studies… As it is always said life is a tough rat race.. Run hard … Atb Dony Devasia

  2. hi, can u tel me how to register for cme. is registration over. thanks in advance

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