Genital ridge,wolffian duct,mullerian duct

Development of female genital organs

Genital ridge

  1. Infundibulopelvic ligament
  2. Ovary
  3. Ovarian ligament
  4. Round ligament

Mullerian duct/Paramesonephric duct

  1. Fimbria
  2. Fallopian tube
  3. Uterus
  4. Upper 3/4th of vagina

Wolffian duct/Mesonephric duct

  1. Epoopheron
  2. Paroopheron

Development of male genital organs

Mullerian duct

  1. Appendix of testis
  2. Prostatic utricle

Wolffian duct

  1. Vas deferens
  2. Seminal vesicle
  3. Ejaculatory ducts
  4. Epididymis
  5. Appendix of epididymis
  6. Mesodermal part of prostate

Urinary(from wolffian)

  1. Collecting tubes of kidney
  2. Calyces
  3. pelvis
  4. Ureter
  5. Trigone of bladder
  6. Posterior wall of prostatic urethra cranial to opening of ejaculatory ducts

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