Gradenego’s Syndrome

Gradenigo’s Syndrome is characterised by the triad of:

1.Otitis media

2.Unilateral(retro orbital)pain in regions innervated by first and seconds branches of Trigeminal nerve.

3.Ipsilateral Abducens nerve paralysis

Gradenigo’s syndrome is due to Osteitis of petrous apex due to otitis media.

Other symptoms can include photophobia, excessive lacrimation, fever, and reduced corneal sensitivity.
The syndrome is usually caused by the spread of an infection into the petrous apex of the temporal bone.

Gradenigo’s syndrome, also called Gradenigo-Lannois syndrome and petrous apicitis, is a complication of otitis media and mastoiditis involving the apex of the petrous temporal bone.

Mnemonic:Gradenego sounds similar to Vertigo since vertigo affects ear, we can assume that Gradenigo affects the ear

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