Guillain Barre syndrome and variants

Guillain Barre Syndrome

  1. Ascending Areflexic paralysis
  2. Minimal or no sensory loss
  3. Preceded by infection with Campylobacter Jejuni(MC),CMV,Mycoplasma
  4. Autoantibodies against gangliosides usually anti GM1.
  5. IVIg is the treatment of choice,plasmapheresis also done.

GBS variants


  1. Seen in adults
  2. Demyelinating disorder
  3. Anti GM1 antibodies
  4. Rapid recovery


  1. Mainly affects children
  2. Axonal disease
  3. Anti GD1A antibodies
  4. Rapid recovery


  1. Adults
  2. Axonal disease
  3. Slow recovery
  4. Similar to AMAN

Miller Fisher

  1. Characterised by Opthalmoplegia,ataxia,Areflexia
  2. Anti GQ1b antibodies
  3. Demyelinating disorder.

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