Hodgkins lymphoma classification

There are five subtypes of Hodgkins lymphoma, they are distinguished by their morphology immunophenotype and clinical features.This classification of Hodgkins Lymphoma helps in determining the treatment and provides a rough idea regarding prognosis.

1.Nodular sclerosis

  1. Frequent lacunar cells and occassional Reid Sternberg(RS)cells.
  2. RS cells,CD15+,CD30+,EBV-ve
  3. Stage 1 and 2 diseases most common,frequent mediastinal involvement,affects young adults

2.Mixed cellularity

  1. Frequent mononuclear and diagnostic RS cells
  2. RS cells,CD15+,CD30+,70%EBV+ve.
  3. Biphasic incidence,M>F,>50%present with stage 3 or 4 disease.

3.Lymphocyte rich

  1. Frequent mononuclear and diagnostic RS cells
  2. RS cells,CD15+,CD30+,40%EBV+ve
  3. Uncommon,M>F,seen in older adults.

4.Lymphocyte depletion

  1. Reticular variant,frequent RS cells.
  2. RS cells,CD15+,CD30+,EBV+ve
  3. Uncommon,Older males affected,Advanced disease.

5.Lymphocyte predominance

  1. Lymphocytic Histiocytic(L&H)variant or Popcorn cell variant,reactive Bcells seen.
  2. RS cells,CD15-ve,CD30-ve,CD20+ve,CD45+ve,EBV-ve.
  3. Uncommon,Young males,mediastinal involvement.

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  1. Lymphocyte predominant 5% cases asymptomatic,predominant in mainly males male with cervical or supraclavicular

    Nodular sclerosing 60% Female ant mediastinl(MC)and either cervical or supraclavicular nodes

    Mixed cellularity 30% Men>50 RS cells numerous; mononuclear varients, eosinophil,histiocytes plasma cell strong EBV association.

    Lymphocyte depletion 5% men>50 Most aggressive, RS cell frequent poorest prognosis

    Pel Ebstein fever – alternating bouts of fever followed by remissions.

    prognosis stage more important than the type

    treatment Chemotherapy and radiotherapy (5 year survival 85%, 10 year survival 80%)

    treatment of HL will predispose to secondary malignancies.

  2. Any good DETAILED tables of Summary of PET/CT Sensetivity/Specificity for each type ?

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