How to use Supermemo to learn, revise and memorize for success.

Most students spend a lot of their study time on computers.Now a days students use internet as a the source of information as quality information is available for free.. If you can use the time you spend on your computer effectively, it would be a great help for your exam preparations. Since I myself is in a habit of using laptop regularly, I searched for ideas to help me learn more from it. I found out many sites which would help me in my PG preparation and a good software too in the process.Supermemo is a software which helps you to revise and memorize important topics.

What is supermemo?

Supermemo is a great software which is available for free, which can help you in revising the topics you learn.You can create collections which can be memorized by spending about 30 minutes daily.

How does supermemo work?

Supermemo works on the concept of repetition and revision to help you remember the concepts you learn.Supermemo helps you to create notes to revise. It acts like a flashcard, and creates repetition schedules.Each time you fail in a repetition, supermemo makes you repeat the memorization process until the concept becomes embedded in you head.

Though this free tool has been available for quite some time,I think most of us wouldn’t have tried it. I have used this for past few months and have found it very effective in the process of memorization.If you want to learn more about supermemo and about improving your memory,you can visit the supermemo website.┬áThough many versions are available, I have listed the supermemo 2004 which is available as a freeware.If you have some money to spend, try out the latest version too.

Download supermemo 2004.

I hope readers of my blog like this freeware. Try it out and post your comments regarding supermemo.

  1. hi..
    i am preparing for pg myself and am an avid follower of your site
    AFTER reading about supermemo here i downloaded it and after reading it on their site i tried to use it too but am having troubles really streamlining it with my preparation,
    if you are using this program yourself then pls give concise instructions on how to really utilize it. that’ll be most beneficial.
    waiting for your response.

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