Important parasites

Parasites causing malabsorption in adults

  1. Giardia Lamblia
  2. E.Histolytica
  3. H.Nana
  4. Strongyloides
  5. Cyclospora

Malabsorption in children

  1. G.Lamblia
  2. Isospora belli
  3. Cryptosporidium
  4. Ancylostoma duodenaLE
  5. E.Histolytica
  6. Capillaria phillipinensis

Man is the defenitive host in most parasitic infections except in:

  1. Echinococcus granulosus
  2. Plasmodium
  3. Taenia Solium(man is both defenitive and intermediate host)
  4. Toxoplasma gondii
  5. Sarcocytis lindemanii

Parasites causing autoinfection

These organisms establish life cycle within the same host eliminating the need for other hosts

  1. Capillaria philippinensis
  2. Cryptosporidium parvum
  3. Enterobius vermicularis
  4. Hymenolepis Nana
  5. Strongyloides stercoralis
  6. Taenia solium

Worms which do not multiply in man

  1. A.duodenale
  2. E.vermicularis
  3. W.bancrofti

Clonorchis sinensis

  1. Man is the defenitive host and snail secondary host in clonorchis sinensis
  2. Infection caused by ingestion of metcercaria
  3. Mature in bile canaliculi
  4. c/c infection associated with cholangitis,cholangio hepatitis and biliary obstrucion.

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