Important points

  1. Superior pancreatico duodental Artery- branch of gastro duodenal
  2. Inferior pancreatico duodenal- br of superior mesenteric
  3. Superior and inferior tarsal muscles and mullers/orbital muscle have sympathetic supply, so theya re affected in Horners.
  4. Mastoid antrum,auditory ossicles and structures of internal ear are fully developed at birth.
  5. Progesterone causes impaired glucose tolerance.
  6. Estrogen improves response to insulin.
  7. Saliva contains large quantity of K+ and Bicarbonate, but K+ content is maximum in secretions from rectum.
  8. Maxillary antrum and orbit reaches adult size by 15 -16 years.
  9. Capacitation of sperms occur in uterus and fallopian tubes
  10. Acrosome reaction occurs after binding to zona pellucida induced by zona proteins.
  11. Muscle spindle detects muscle length and its rate of change
  12. Golgi tendon organ detects muscle tension and its rate of change
  13. Inverse stretch reflex/lengthening reaction mediated by Golgi tendon organ.
  14. Foveola is the centre of fovea in the retina, in the foveola there is one to one relationship between cones , bipolar cells and retinal ganglion cells.
  15. Rods have an absorption peak near 500nm.
  16. Difference between photoreceptors and other receptors is that photoreceptors get hyperpolarized instead of being depolarized.
  17. Photoreceptor cells are in depolarized state in the dark due to open Na+ channels, during hyperpolarization these channels close.

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