Important points

Pancytopenia with increased MCV- megaloblastic anemia.

Valveless veins are IVC,common iliac vein,Portal venous system,Cranial sinuses

Opthalmic artery is a branch of cerebral part of ICA and meningeal artery is br of cavernous part of ICA.

Gibbs Donnan equilibrium is between univalent anion cation pair ie [Ka+][cla-]=[kb+][clb-]

Normal cerebral perfusion pressure is 80-100mmhg, cerebral blood flow is autoregulated between 60-160mmhg of CPP.

Pulmonary arteries and arterioles constrict in response to hypoxia so that blood flow to better oxygenated alveoli increase.Vasoconstriction mediated by K+ gated channels.

Strech reflex mediated by muscle spindle and inverse stretch reflex is mediated by golgi tendon organ.

Reciprocal innervation is relaxation of antagonistic muscles when strech reflex occurs mediated by golgi bottle neurons(inhibitory interneurons)

Alpha motor neuron stimulation cause muscle contraction,golgi tendon organ cause alpha motor neuron inhibition.

Insulin activates pyruvate dehyrdogenase leading to production of Acetyl CoA needed for fattyacid synthesis.

Insulin decreases intracellular cAMP and thus inhibits lipolysis in adipose tissue.

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