Indexes in community medicine

Physical Quality of Life Index(PQLI)

  1. Infant mortality rate
  2. Life expectancy at age 1
  3. Literacy

Score 0-100,best is given a score of 100 and worst 0.Average is taken,GDP is not taken into account.

Tip: In PQLI Li is literacy!

Human Development Index(HDI)

  1. Life expectancy at birth
  2. Adult literacy rate
  3. Gross enrollment ratio
  4. GDP per capita

Min -0


Adult literacy rate

Gross enrollment ratio form a seperate index,Educational index.

Tip: PQLI(4 =3) HDI(3=4)

Human Poverty Index(HPI)

Gender related development index(GDI)

Disability Adjusted life Year(DALY)

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