IPC sections relevant for a medical practitioner.

Indian Penal Code and related questions are frequently repeated in MCQ exams.So having good knowledge is important during practice and for entrance exams too.

IPC 82 -Child <7yrs incapable of committing a crime

IPC 83 – Children 7-12yrs can be punished for crime

IPC 84 – Criminal responsibility of the insane

IPC 191 – Defenition of perjury

IPC 193 – Punishment for Perjury

IPC 299 – Defines culpable homicide

IPC 300 -Defines murder

IPC 302 -Punishment for murder

IPC 304 -Punishment for culpable homicide

IPC 304A -Criminal negligence

IPC 304B-Dowry death

IPC 319 -Hurt

IPC 320 – Grievous hurt

IPC 325 – Punishment for grievous hurt

IPC 374 – Defenition of rape

IPC 376 -Punishment for rape

IPC 377 – Unnatural sexual offences

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    The IPC mentioned for defination of rape mentioned above is Sec 375 IPC and not Sec 374 IPC as mentioned .

  3. Just tell ne some mnemonic to remember IPC n CPC …..as these as these qs. r repeatatively ask in pg xam …so plz help..

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