It is time,to start working again

After taking rest for about 3 weeks, I am planning to start my studies again.So I have decided to enumerate some steps and find out where we went wrong last year.

1. One goal, one target.

Concentrate on just one goal: passing the PG entrance exam. If you concentrate on making money, attending marriage functions, reading newspapers etc. your effort is being dissipated.

2.Study for each exam,in its own pattern.

AIIMS entrance exam is different from All India which is very different from Kerala and JIPMER. So finding previous question papers of each of these and learning them is the most important step of all.

3.Maintain focus till the exam is over

4. Stick to timetable and cover as many MCQ books as possible.

5.Revision is a must

Revising everything you learn starting 10 days before the exam is a key step.

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